TP-Link Deco BE33000 Deco BE95 WiFi 7 Mesh System up for pre-order on Amazon US

TP-Link Deco BE95 BE33000 Whole Home Mesh WiFi 7 System along with TP-Link Archer BE24000 Archer BE900 Wi-Fi 7 Router is available to pre-order in the US online. Amazon US ( ) has listed these online. The price for Deco BE95 (2pack) in the US is $1,199.99 ( affiliate link ). According to the listing on Amazon, this item will be released on March 15, 2023.

Specs and Features

  • BE33000 Quad-Band Wi-Fi 7 Mesh System
  • Speeds up to 11520 Mbps on 6GHz Band 1, 11520 Mbps on 6GHz Band 2, 8640 Mbps on 5GHz Band, and 1148 Mbps on 2.4 GHz Band
  • up to 7,800 Sq.Ft. coverage
  • Connect over 200 devices on the mesh network
  • 4 ethernet ports (2 X 10G Port, 2 X 2.5G Ports)
  • 10G Multi-Gigabit Port
  • TP-Link HomeShield security
  • Deco App available for both Android and iOS devices.

From the manufacturer
Deco BE95 is the next-gen Wi-Fi 7 whole home multi-gig mesh Wi-Fi system that combines the latest technologies and premium hardware. The powerful BE33000 Wi-Fi 7 with TP-Link Mesh technology delivers strong Wi-Fi signal throughout your home and even connect over 200 devices. Quad-Band technology reduces lag that originates from congestion with massive 6 GHz bandwidth along with the new 320 MHz channel. The Mesh system automatically connects your devices to the least crowded Wi-Fi band depending on the devices’ data usage. Multi-Link Operation allows for devices to simultaneously tap into Quad Band and Multi-RUs further enhances lag reduction technology of OFDMA. Achieve all the performance benefits with peace of mind with TP-Link’s HomeShield protection. Stay secure with WPA3 encryption and provide a safe online-playground for your kids with parental controls.

TP-Link Archer BE24000 Archer BE900 Wi-Fi 7 Router up for pre-order on Amazon US

Only yesterday we were thinking about our WiFi 6 routers to WiFi 6E. If you haven’t updated it yet the 6Ghz 6E, you can now go straight to the next-gen WiFi 7 routers. You would be happy to know you can already buy a WiFi 7 router in the US online from TP-Link Archer BE24000 ( Archer BE900 ) Wi-Fi 7 Router is now available to pre-order at a list price of $699.99 ( Amazon US affiliate link ). It will officially release in the US on March 15, 2023 only.

The biggest feature of the TP-Link Archer BE24000 Archer BE900 Router is that it offers powerful WiFi 7 performance. Archer BE900 is a Quad-Band Wi-Fi 7 Router coming in a brand-new design. Thanks to the 24 Gbps connection, you can experience better 4K/8K streaming, immersive AR/VR gaming, and faster download speeds.

Archer BE24000 Quad-Band Wi-Fi 7 Router has Dual 10G Ports and supports Multi-Link Operation (MLO). 12× optimally positioned antennas and Proprietary WiFi optimization boasts maximized coverage. This WiFi 7 router is compatible with EasyMesh routers and range extenders so that you can make a seamless whole home Mesh WiFi setup. For better security, TP-Link HomeShield is onboard.

Manufacturer Description
Jaw-Dropping Speeds, Mind-Blowing Coverage, Wi-Fi 7. Experience the first quad-band Wi-Fi 7 router from TP-Link with blazing-fast Wi-Fi speeds up to 24.4 Gbps. Every device in your home network runs at top performance and the brand-new 6GHz band provides exceptional bandwidth and congestion-free channels exclusive to your device. Enjoy the latest Wi-Fi 7 technology with the Archer BE900: 16-stream quad-band, Dual 5 GHz bands, 320 MHz width channel and 4K-QAM.

Also listed on Amazon: TP-Link Deco BE33000 Quad-Band WiFi 7 Mesh System (Deco BE95) for Whole Home Coverage up to 7800 Sq.Ft with AI-Driven Smart Antennas, 10G Multi-Gig Ethernet ports, Replaces Router and Extender(2-pack) ( check here )

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Specs and Features

  • WiFi Speeds: BE24000 | 6 GHz: 11520 Mbps (802.11be), 5 GHz-1: 5760 Mbps (802.11be), 5 GHz-2: 5760 Mbps (802.11be), 2.4 GHz: 1376 Mbps (802.11be)
  • Working Modes: Router Mode, Access Point Mode
  • WiFi Encryption: WPA, WPA2, WPA3, WPA/WPA2-Enterprise (802.1x)
  • Ethernet Ports: 1× 10 Gbps WAN/LAN, 1× 10 Gbps SFP+/RJ45 Combo WAN/LAN, 4× 2.5 Gbps LAN, 1× 1 Gbps LAN
  • USB ports: 1× USB 3.0, 1× USB 2.0
  • Supported Partition Formats ( USB ): NTFS, exFAT, HFS+, FAT32
  • Supported Functions (USB): FTP Server, Media Server, Samba Server
  • Touchscreen: Yes ( LED )
  • Network Security: SPI Firewall, Access Control, IP & MAC Binding, Application Layer Gateway, Real-Time IoT Protection, Malicious Site Blocker, Intrusion Prevention System, DDoS Attack Prevention, Home Network Scanner
  • Cloud Service: Auto Firmware Upgrade, TP-Link ID, DDNS
  • Router management software: Tether App

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